How to Order Items

If you are interested in "Franco the Great" products, please e-mail us. We will estimate the cost and send an e-mail back to you in 48 hours.
If you have any question, please do not hesitate to ask!

  • Payment by money order only. (interantional money order in us currency only)
  • All order will be processed in 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Minimum order $50
  • Invoice including shipping will be issued upon order request
  • For special orders. Free demonstration or illustrated layout if necessary
  • For special orders, wall-paintings and any other custom-made work, please write your request in your email.
  • Order of over $100 will receive FREE gift of 1 T-shirts or Poster.


Custom-made Prints: $40
Franco the Great will make Prints from his paintings on your request.

The size of prints including mat
All prints are matted and sizes are 11 x 14 inch.
Color of the mat is grey or white.

Print 01

Print 02

Print 03

Print 04

Print 05

Print 06

Print 07

Print 08

Print 09

Print 10

Print 11

Print 12

Print 13

Print 14

Print 15

Print 16

Print 17

Print 18

Print 19

Print 20

Franco's Original Design T-Shirts : $30
T-shirts size : S, M, L, XL

Franco's Original Design Bags : $20
Bag dimension : 15 x 15 inch

T Shirts 01

T Shirts 02

T Shirts 03

T Shirts 04

T Shirts 05

T Shirts 06

T Shirts 07

T Shirts 08

T Shirts 09

T Shirts 10

T Shirts 11

Bag 01

Bag 02

Bag 03

Franco's Postcards 6 x 9 in. (Set of 2): $10


Posters (17 x 22 inch) : $18
Explanation of Franco the Great Poster in 7 different languages.

English / Spanish / French / Italian / German / Portuguese / Japanese


Custom-made Umbrellas : $85
Personalize your umbrella. It is one of a kind!


Be in touch with an unforgettable Art-i-fact
During one of Franco the Great's meditative moments, he asked his Creator, "How should I preserve myself for posterity?" The answer gave birth to Franco's new concept in art: The preservation of crematory remains by using them to capture the image of the deceased in a contemporary manner. Franco the Great combines the ashes with oils to produce a textured portrait of the deceased. This new medium in art affords one the opportunity to immortalize one beloved, self or a public figure. Franco has provided a means for the remains of life to live on with captured, stored memories.

If you are intersted in this concept,
please contact Franco the Great.
If you already know what you would like to order,
please E-MAIL us or call us at (925) 886-5330.
Franco will go any place in the world. He has worked on many continents, and yours is no exception!
EMAIL: francothegreat1@hotmail.com  PHONE: 713-829-2984 
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